Dragon Ball Z Devolution (Dbz devolutiongame) Game

Dragon Ball Z Devolution (DBZ Devolution)


  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to fly
  • X to attack, hold to release Kamehameha
  • Hold C to defend and charge Ki

Dbz devolution is a fun and full of leisure adventure games. Here you will fight the enemy with dragon balls and their friends, defeat the enemy with various fighting skills, experience the story of all dragon balls’ lessons with dragon balls, and take this adventure together.

Dbz devolution game operations

In Dbz devolution, you will use the direction keys to move in the direction when fighting. The letter X can help you launch an attack. The use of X and C together can expand your offensive energy, can better attack each other, and give it a run for its money.

Dragon Ball Z Devolution game content

When you officially start DBZ Development, you will first enter the training mode to familiarize yourself with various skills and lay a solid foundation. After you finish this task, you can choose the game mode in the game to start a real battle.

The game features of Dragon Ball Z Devolution

After you finish the exercises in the preface, you can formally start the dual-mode to challenge. And in Dbz devolution, there are many modes for you to choose from. And it has all kinds of skills waiting for you to unlock. As you go through customs, your abilities will become more robust, and the enemies you meet will keep rising.

If you like to play that kind of experiential game very much, then you must choose DBZ Development. Here you will experience the whole story of dragon balls in a brand-new way, whether it is from teaching or fighting monsters.  While play solitaire is an exciting casual game, you need to sort the cards according to his established rules.

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